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With the rapid development of science and technology, high-end digital technology has brought tremendous changes to the world. In Hong Kong, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have become popular innovative technology. AR and VR bring brand-new sensory experiences to the audience. More and more industries and companies can foresee the potential of AR and VR, and they have merged relevant elements into brands.

36tech provides one-stop Hong Kong AR and VR solutions for a group of companies, and it is your best Hong Kong AR/VR company. Since its establishment in 2015, 36tech services have been focusing on the development of AR and VR in Hong Kong, providing AR/VR related services to different industries, including education, retail, and various enterprises, such as hardware supply, professional consulting, etc.

AR and VR are by no means unreachable technology. Being one of the Hong Kong AR/VR pioneering companies, 36tech is committed to integrating AR and VR technologies into daily life. Enterprises can easily apply to brands so that the general public can have the opportunity to experience this interesting and novel invention.

Are you looking for a professional Hong Kong VR/AR company? Contact our team immediately and let us design a suitable AR/VR solution for your business.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the integration and improvement of existing audio, video, graphics, text, and other technologies, so that users could have a more realistic experience. In our surroundings, everything is 3-dimensional. When people face such a 3-dimensional space, they will have different sensations as things change (such as sound, image or smell).

By using VR technology, customers can experience a different world!

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a technology that uses electronic devices such as VR headsets to connect virtualized objects and physical objects in the real world.

Most AR technology focuses on devices such as head-mounted displays, which are usually worn on the user’s head, and add images and text to the user’s observation of the surrounding environment (virtual information). It can also be other sensations, for example, hearing or touch but not just visual.

Bring the wild ideas in your mind to the customers’ eyes through AR technology

Why choose us?

Why is 36tech your preferred Hong Kong Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality company? AR and VR have gradually become popular in recent years. There are more and more VR/AR companies on the market. It is not easy to choose the right one among lots of VR/AR companies in Hong Kong, and it is even impossible for customers who do not have the concept of VR/AR.

36tech is a VR/AR company in Hong Kong with rich experience. Customer need is our priority. No matter which industry you come from or are thinking of different VR/AR projects, we can help you create more possibilities. The entire team of 36tech will provide you with a comprehensive and complete solution. From the initial consultation, device purchase, content development, device rental and installation, we will provide corresponding support from the side.

VR/AR functions are becoming more and more powerful. We will follow this trend and lead VR/AR to different applications in the future, so that VR/AR can be presented in an unexpected environment. We will continue to be recommended by the public as the best Hong Kong Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality company.

Free Introductory VR/AR course

Started Feb 7, 2020

Free VR & AR Course

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to cooperate with a number of high-quality VR company brands; all devices can provide high-quality images comparable to live scenes while reducing users’ dizziness during use.

Since everyone has a different reaction to image projection, you can test your reaction first when wearing a VR headset. If you feel unwell, you should stop using it immediately.

As VR/AR technology has been widely adopted in many industries, our Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality company Hong Kong provides different solutions to meet the needs of various types of enterprises, and the price will be vary according to the actual needs of customers. If you want to know more about the rental price, you can contact us for inquiries.

VR (Virtual Reality) is to create a 3D virtual world through various technologies, allowing users to experience a three-dimensional space with high fidelity, as if the world are “real”. AR (Augmented Reality) is not a simulated reality environment, it is like adding something to the existing world through technology, meaning showing virtual elements on the basis of the real world.

VR applications are mainly based on games. Many brands have launched their own VR devices to create realistic sensory experiences for users. Other applications include the education industry, sports, etc.; common AR applications include special effects (filters) on social platforms, some famous AR games, such as Pokemon GO.



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