AR/VR Education
in Hong Kong

Are you interested in AR/VR technology but don’t know where to start? If you want to enter the wonderful virtual world of AR/VR, 36tech specializes in AR/VR Education in Hong Kong and provides you with some courses, so that enthusiastic students can receive exclusive AR/VR education, learn the basics from scratch, and prepare for entering related industries.

Why AR/VR Education is Important?

In modern life, people are more focused on “experience” than ever. Through marketing, corporate brands can let products to tell stories by themselves, arouse consumer awareness and stimulate consumer desires. The overall design and integration of technological changes are the key. AR and VR are of the two popular technologies that help to link the brand with the experience. In addition to adding vivid descriptions to the products, it can also be combined with funny and memorable interactions, making it an unforgettable experience.

From a business perspective, consumer behaviour can be combined with technology, such as artificial intelligence, big data analysis, AR and VR technologies, to merge entertainment elements into the experience and encourage consumers to wait. Therefore, understand the product purchase journey, and share it with the community to increase brand awareness and attention.

Objectives of our AR/VR Education in Hong Kong

36tech’s AR/VR courses are designed to allow students to learn various AR/VR basic knowledge, hardware and software applications, and construct an AR/VR interactive environment through what they have learned.

Our AR/VR instructors hope that students can get to know the latest developments in AR/VR technologies, learn and apply them into their daily lives or run businesses, and eventually become the VR experts.

Our Instructors

36tech not only specializes in various AR/VR solutions, but also actively promotes AR/VR in many aspects. We are also committed to training VR/AR professionals and holding different types of AR/VR education courses from time to time, so that students can learn from basic to advanced learning.

Our instructors are digital content technology experts with rich experience in AR/VR education in Hong Kong. The courses start from the basics to advance, and instructors will adjust the way of teaching according to the students’ progress, observe students’ learning performance and give adequate advice. When our instructors design VR/AR courses, they also aim to let students to integrate the technology into daily life. Therefore, in addition to teaching basic theories, the instructors are also good at sharing lots of real-life examples in AR/VR courses and showing some common mistakes that students may have when they start using AR/VR or in further development.

Why choose 36tech as your AR/VR learning institution?

36tech is committed to providing the most comprehensive and complete learning experience to students. We have years of experience in participating VR/AR industries and all of our instructors are experts in applying VR/AR technologies. Students can surely receive the best AR/VR education with us.

Structual Courses

Our AR/VR courses are planned by experienced instructors, and the content is systematic, and students can learn step by step as planned.

Combine Theories and Practical

In addition to the AR/VR theory class, the course also has a practical simulation session. Through the experiment, students can understand the learning content more easily, deepen the impression, and enhance their interest in learning.

Small Class Teaching

Through small class teaching, the tutor can better take care of each student, and can keep abreast of the progress of the student, reviewing the learning results at all times; small class teaching also allows students to have more opportunities to contact the tutor and have sufficient time for discussion and exchanges.

Frequently Asked Questions

At present, AR and VR applications have been integrated into our daily work and life, such as art, medical applications, technical maintenance services, etc. In the future, this will undoubtedly become a trend. Attending Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality courses can let someone like you, who want to be exposed to this technology, to enter the world of AR/VR from scratch. Do not to miss this new wave and become a professional now!

Anyone who is interested in AR/VR can apply for 36tech’s AR/VR education courses.

You don’t need any knowledge and development experience to enroll in 36tech’s AR/VR courses. You don’t need to familiarize yourself with relevant knowledge in advance. You can come to the class as long as you are passionate about AR/VR!

VR/AR has already been applied in different fields such as Education, Gaming, Training, Movies, E-Commerce, etc. It will be widely used in lots of areas, and surely it is an advantage to equip VR/AR knowledge.