AR/VR Headsets: From Lightsaber Duels to Interior Decorating

Imagine being able to reach out and pick up a Lightsaber off your coffee table, and fight an AR light saber duel to the death with Darth Vader, right in your living room. Or being able to design a new home in 3D and look at every wall, countertop, or window, walking through it in real time. With virtual reality and augmented reality rigs connected to VR- or AR-enabled Lenovo devices and smartphones, you can do both of these activities (and way more).

Virtual reality uses a computer to create a completely artificial world, which you can see and interact with using a mixed VR headset like the standalone Lenovo Mirage VR Headset and a hand controller(s). The same technology can be used to create Mixed Reality – a view of your real world, but with the addition of virtual objects that look and act just like real ones. If you’ve ever wanted to know how it would feel to have a new dining room table in your dining room, mixed reality lets you virtually see it and walk around it, without ever leaving home