Basic package including

  • ​8 Edupro VR

  • Veative 1 Year license

  • 1 charging case

  • Basic training

Advnace package including

  • ​40 Edupro VR

  • Veative 1 Year license

  • 2 charging carts

  • Basic training

Veative's STEM Solution

Our STEM VR modules enrich education by increasing learner involvement, focus, and overall academic performance. Too often lost in the VR classroom are the needs of the teacher. But not with Veative. 



  •  Transcend time and space

  •  Venture safety into science labs

  •  Learn math in authentic settings


  • Learn via trial and error

  • Simulate roles: Be the scientist!

  •  Explore with guided feedback


  •  Learn via trial and error

  •  Simulate roles: Be the scientist!

  •  Explore with guided feedback


Physics is an extremely important subject, which allows us to connect with the physical world. Its inherent complexity can be intimidating, as students can easily doubt whether they are up to the task. But removing that sense of intimidation for learners can be empowering and inspiring. Using immersive experiences promotes that connection between learner and concept, inspiring greater inquiry.


Chemistry can be a difficult subject to grasp as learners are often confused by obscure terms and processes. Instructors are always on the lookout for ways to allow students to realize that chemistry manifests itself in everyday life. Distraction-free learning, inside a virtual environment, is conducive to engaging learners in focused attention on difficult concepts.


Life is a wonder, and learning about the intricacies of the world around us, at a biological level, is now within the grasp of learners. Enter into a plant, become a part of an ecosystem, and feel a connection with the smallest particles that make up the basis of life. From genes to proteins, or cells to protoplasm, immersion into this world brings life, to life!


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