36 technology is proud to be the official distributor of HTC’s Vive series.

HTC brings brilliance to life through leading innovation in smart mobile device and experience design. Beginning with a vision to put a personal computer in the palm of our customers’ hands, we have led the way in the evolution from palm PC to smartphone.
The Pursuit of Brilliance is at the heart of everything we do, inspiring best-in-class design and game-changing mobile experiences for consumers around the world. At HTC, the Pursuit of Brilliance is the impulse to create, to venture into the unknown with an unwavering dedication to bring innovative design to life. It pushes us everyday to re-imagine new ways to connect the world, our consumers, and their pursuits in ways never before thought possible.

The HTC Vive offer a series of virtual reality headsets developed by HTC and Valve. The headset uses “room-scale” tracking technology, allowing the user to move in 3D space and use motion-tracked handheld controllers to interact with the environment.

Their state-of-the-art Vive Pro Eye features built-in eye tracking that enables foveated rendering and hands-free interaction in VR and accessibility options for users who can’t use regular motion controllers.

36 technology offers the full range of Vive products and accessories with professional installation and consulting services 36 technology is one of the most experienced partner to install Vive products in education and commercial sector.

Vive Focus

  • Standalone Headset
  • Easy setup
  • Ideal for Primary and Secondary School

Vive Focus plus

  • Standalone Headset
  • Easy setup
  • Ideal for Primary and Secondary School

Vive Cosmos

  • Top-class VR+AR Headset
  • Integrate reality and virtual environment
  • Professional grade
  • Ideal for commercial deployment

Vive Pro​ Eye

  • Only headset with eye-motion detection
  • High precision with usage statistics for analysis
  • Perfect match for high-quality training